Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay

Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay


Walking Through The Doors

Alfred Street





Walking Through Doors
We are all made of sand and infinite sky
From the moment of beginning to everlasting breath
O the struggle of man, to stake, and lay claim to their wishes and dreams
To be understood, to be heard.
Everyone's story is different, No two men will walk the same shoes of life
No two women will cry the same tears...
Yet we are all the same
Tied together by the twine of love and compassion for one another
And the affinity and reality of who we are.
Strip away our barriers, strip away our boundaries
And we are souls exposed,
Fragile, only  broken to our own light shinning through
Perfect creations from a source of the omnipotent being.
The knowledge of who we are lies in our soul, our spirit-
Those small spaces that rest between sand and infinite sky...
One's desire was to be heard
To be understood,
To walk through the doors that gave life to wishes and dreams
Out of our own innate desire to be heard and understood.
~Cynthia Pinot
Excerpt from   "Tears From Throne"-( copyright 2010.)


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