Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay

Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay


The Boy And The Secret Garden

The Boy And The Secret Garden


Morning dew glistened through the window as she looked at him

He was beautiful in every way

Innocence played through the blades of grass



Thunderous roars of child’s play in this secret garden…


The elation in his heart- bounced through the leaves

The sword pierced through the winds of imagination

The breastplate protected the pulse of his dreams

He jumped on top of the mountain with that magic sword made of stick,

He cut through the sun-

 Claiming this world as his.


“I Command Thee”, the child shouted with joy


The flowers began to fold at his feet…

The birds sung his name,

And the trees bowed down and offered fruits of wisdom.


In that moment

He was free

He was free to expand his heart and breath.

To inhale this moment of truth




 He knew in her eyes he would always be her little king


~Cynthia Pinot

Tears From Throne ~ Copyright 2013


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