Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay

Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay


Drinks with Friends


Drink With Friends


A beat with rhythm

Hot Summer Nights…


Friends, Gestures, Conversations,

Hot Summer Night

The heart pulses,

The eyes dance...



O the wait…

A Beat with rhythm

Hot Summer Nights


Her Eyes gazed …

As if to slip a forbidden look

His soul stared back at her


His stare pierced right through

The world spun around them

Time stood still


“Music-is forbidden fruit in some countries, for the fear of what it may provoke”

He smiled…

This just simply aroused her heart and intrigued her mind

 “Do you want to take a bite?”


Weakened by his strength

Her spirit was forever contaminated with his soul

To forever haunt her in waking dreams….


The night faded into a distant memory  

Like a

Beat with rhythm

A hot summer night

Shared with

Friends, Gestures, Conversations,

The heart pulses,

Her eyes gazed

Into the night

Like a faded memory…

But always remembered on a hot summer night


~ Cynthia Pinot


Tears From Throne” (copyright 2013)





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