Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay

Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay


Alfred Street-MARCH, 2013



Hi Guys!!! Welcome This Page!! In The last few months, I found myself taking a break from the audition process, and quietly stepping behind the lens. This has been a wonderful introspective journey that has not only slowed me down long enough to really see the world but  forced me to peel back the layers of "unnecessary stuff" one by one. This process reminded me of an acting exercise. It’s the one where you look at yourself in the mirror without a "mask", ie (make-up. Fix hair, persona...pretentions ect....) and you look into yourself until you connect to who you are, who you truly are. I’ve know actors who have sat in front of the mirror who have, broken down, cried, laughed, felt angry...have had huge emotional breakthroughs...and some who simply became bored with it...and got up and did something else.  But in the’s always the same question, “Are you willing to do the work?"

In the past year I have played some crazy characters... some happy, some sad, some full of heart ache...without every really having  a chance to send off these intoxicating personalities ..and...Well...let’s just say it left me wanting a little time to breathe and "reconnect to me."

This journey, lead me into some wonderful discoveries, about myself, life, my friends, and my family.  Those that know me understand that I am a bit quiet, usually due to the fact that I'm always "thinking"...ha! Or off in "LA-LA Land!"

One if these journeys led me to spend a quiet day photographing the home of one of my dear friends Eduardo Xol.

One Tuesday afternoon in the middle of his hustle and bustle, meetings, assistants with laptops, lunch orders and the typical Hollywood   to-do...I stopped by his home with camera and tri-pod  in tow. I only had one request..."Eduardo, can you play some "A-La-Buddha-Bar" type music....And off I went...Into "Cyndi-Land" where it is often filled with magic, and fairies, and all God Wonderment.


In the next coming months I will present to you some of these images, as Eduardo and I send you on a journey. Please Enjoy Eduardo Xol's introspective story as he embellishes on what his stay on Alfred Street meant to him.  I have chosen a more poetic path to narrate my side of the journey. We present to you one image, two perspectives. As we know, no two people ever see the same shade of blue.

We hope you enjoy our narrative points of view as we discover the wonderment life has to offer, past present and future.


Manifesting Our Dreams, One Day at a Time!



Cynthia Pinot xoxox!!


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