Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay

Cynthia Pinot's Photo Essay









A Haiku This Dawn


New thoughts of morning

Love my endowed cup of tea

Breakfast with true friends


-Cynthia Pinot.


“Tears From Throne” – (All Rights Reserved 2013)








The Summer Of Haiku

The summer of Haiku


Summer Halls in Sun

The more we think the less we know

As the wind does Blow


~Cynthia Pinot.



Tears From Throne- (Copyright 2013)

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Cut Fruit



Cut Fruit


Cut fruit fell from the sky

Under the salted sun

The summer storm was coming


Ghosted memories ran circles

The hardest was to say goodbye


His memory was an adagio breeze of things not yet begun

The knife was a was left like an abandoned story not yet carved,

Unfinished, Undone


Cut Fruit fell from the sky

Under the salted sun


The summer storm was coming

Ghosted memories ran circles

Would forever haunt that quiet day in July


~Cynthia Pinot



Tears From Throne- Copyright 2013


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Amongst The Chaos



Amongst The Chaos


In the stillness

Amongst the chaos

Amongst the rain


The heart pounds fiercely like drums without a country

In the stillness

Amongst the chaos

There is breath…


Inhale the freedom

Find the open door



You will find it within your core

Tears released are open floods

From Life’s Waters

To wash away every drop of pain


It is in this stillness

New beginnings are born

Born out of chaos

Born out of pain


Season of life manifest change

 In the stillness

Amongst the chaos

Amongst the rain


~Cynthia Pinot.


“Tears From Throne” (copyright 2013)



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Drinks with Friends


Drink With Friends


A beat with rhythm

Hot Summer Nights…


Friends, Gestures, Conversations,

Hot Summer Night

The heart pulses,

The eyes dance...



O the wait…

A Beat with rhythm

Hot Summer Nights


Her Eyes gazed …

As if to slip a forbidden look

His soul stared back at her


His stare pierced right through

The world spun around them

Time stood still


“Music-is forbidden fruit in some countries, for the fear of what it may provoke”

He smiled…

This just simply aroused her heart and intrigued her mind

 â€œDo you want to take a bite?”


Weakened by his strength

Her spirit was forever contaminated with his soul

To forever haunt her in waking dreams….


The night faded into a distant memory  

Like a

Beat with rhythm

A hot summer night

Shared with

Friends, Gestures, Conversations,

The heart pulses,

Her eyes gazed

Into the night

Like a faded memory…

But always remembered on a hot summer night


~ Cynthia Pinot


“Tears From Throne” (copyright 2013)





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The Boy And The Secret Garden

The Boy And The Secret Garden


Morning dew glistened through the window as she looked at him

He was beautiful in every way

Innocence played through the blades of grass



Thunderous roars of child’s play in this secret garden…


The elation in his heart- bounced through the leaves

The sword pierced through the winds of imagination

The breastplate protected the pulse of his dreams

He jumped on top of the mountain with that magic sword made of stick,

He cut through the sun-

 Claiming this world as his.


“I Command Thee”, the child shouted with joy


The flowers began to fold at his feet…

The birds sung his name,

And the trees bowed down and offered fruits of wisdom.


In that moment

He was free

He was free to expand his heart and breath.

To inhale this moment of truth




 He knew in her eyes he would always be her little king


~Cynthia Pinot

Tears From Throne ~ Copyright 2013


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~~~~ Secret Gardens~~~~








Secret Gardens


 Secret Gardens in our hearts

The quiet spaces in our soul

Secret doors,

Secret rooms


The Secret Garden is filled with

Magic tokens and

Hidden keys

and recurring dreams


A place without limits


The quiet spaces in our soul

Secret doors

Secret rooms

The secret garden in our hearts



~.Cynthia Pinot

 Tears From Throne ~ Copyright 2013.








Walking Through The Doors

Alfred Street





Walking Through Doors
We are all made of sand and infinite sky
From the moment of beginning to everlasting breath
O the struggle of man, to stake, and lay claim to their wishes and dreams
To be understood, to be heard.
Everyone's story is different, No two men will walk the same shoes of life
No two women will cry the same tears...
Yet we are all the same
Tied together by the twine of love and compassion for one another
And the affinity and reality of who we are.
Strip away our barriers, strip away our boundaries
And we are souls exposed,
Fragile, only  broken to our own light shinning through
Perfect creations from a source of the omnipotent being.
The knowledge of who we are lies in our soul, our spirit-
Those small spaces that rest between sand and infinite sky...
One's desire was to be heard
To be understood,
To walk through the doors that gave life to wishes and dreams
Out of our own innate desire to be heard and understood.
~Cynthia Pinot
Excerpt from   "Tears From Throne"-( copyright 2010.)


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Big Jet Plane

All Stories Begin Here....

To Open The Door With The Golden Key


To Open The Door With The Golden Key



Eyes Filled With Wonder and Shine


'I Know This Whole World Is Mine...'

she knew this because, her dad told her so...


His bags in tow, heart worn on the sleeve,  his dreams, clenched hard in his fist


'I Can Be Anything In This World...'

He knew this because, his grandma told him so....


'Hold to the love that you know

Remember who you are in me..'

I know this because He told me so..


In a city full of Angels and Dreams

They all came because they had a golden key

Stories, Cheer, Tears and Fear

They all walked, They all Stood...

Perhaps they too had a chance

 To open the door

They all came because they had a golden key...

Their hearts were full of desire

A longing and willing to be

heard, loved and understood


~Cynthia Pinot.

Excerpt from  "Tears From Throne"-( copyright 2010.)

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The Poetic Journey

Words Are Beautiful...

A Photo Essay With Two Stories

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Alfred Street-MARCH, 2013



Hi Guys!!! Welcome This Page!! In The last few months, I found myself taking a break from the audition process, and quietly stepping behind the lens. This has been a wonderful introspective journey that has not only slowed me down long enough to really see the world but  forced me to peel back the layers of "unnecessary stuff" one by one. This process reminded me of an acting exercise. It’s the one where you look at yourself in the mirror without a "mask", ie (make-up. Fix hair, persona...pretentions ect....) and you look into yourself until you connect to who you are, who you truly are. I’ve know actors who have sat in front of the mirror who have, broken down, cried, laughed, felt angry...have had huge emotional breakthroughs...and some who simply became bored with it...and got up and did something else.  But in the’s always the same question, “Are you willing to do the work?"

In the past year I have played some crazy characters... some happy, some sad, some full of heart ache...without every really having  a chance to send off these intoxicating personalities ..and...Well...let’s just say it left me wanting a little time to breathe and "reconnect to me."

This journey, lead me into some wonderful discoveries, about myself, life, my friends, and my family.  Those that know me understand that I am a bit quiet, usually due to the fact that I'm always "thinking"...ha! Or off in "LA-LA Land!"

One if these journeys led me to spend a quiet day photographing the home of one of my dear friends Eduardo Xol.

One Tuesday afternoon in the middle of his hustle and bustle, meetings, assistants with laptops, lunch orders and the typical Hollywood   to-do...I stopped by his home with camera and tri-pod  in tow. I only had one request..."Eduardo, can you play some "A-La-Buddha-Bar" type music....And off I went...Into "Cyndi-Land" where it is often filled with magic, and fairies, and all God Wonderment.


In the next coming months I will present to you some of these images, as Eduardo and I send you on a journey. Please Enjoy Eduardo Xol's introspective story as he embellishes on what his stay on Alfred Street meant to him.  I have chosen a more poetic path to narrate my side of the journey. We present to you one image, two perspectives. As we know, no two people ever see the same shade of blue.

We hope you enjoy our narrative points of view as we discover the wonderment life has to offer, past present and future.


Manifesting Our Dreams, One Day at a Time!



Cynthia Pinot xoxox!!


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